Basic settings Blogger : It's Very Important Settings For New Blogger Website
Do you know that after creating a website on a blogger, some important setting is also required, only then your blog will show in google results.

If you are writing a blog just by creating a website, without doing any setting then it will be very difficult to rank you post or it will not rank in Google.

It is very important for every blogger to do this setting, if he wants to become a blogger in a great way.

How To Do blogger Basic Settings

Let me tell you that Google's dashboard has already changed and I will tell you from the setting of new dashboard.

Let's start.

•First of all log in to your blogger and come to the dashboard. And click on the setting.

Now here you will have got a lot of options, now we will fix them one by one.


In this, you have to enter the name of your website example- StarCreators.


After saving tittle, now you have to tell something about your website, what will be seen on your website. In this, you get to write up to 500 words. It is very important to write this discription. So that Google can understand what your website is about.

Blog Langauge

In this, you have to tell in which language your blog will be as if my blog is in English.

Adult Content

If you have adult content on your blog, then you should enable this option. Otherwise, leave it disabled.

Google Analytics Property ID

If you have created google analytics id then connect it by adding its id in it.

Google analytics shows where the traffic views of your website are coming from and how much is the bounce rate etc.


Now you will get the option of favicon below, in this you have to put the logo of your blog which is visible in the search engine of our blog page.

By applying favicon, the website looks more professional.


It will be visible below the favicon, if your option is disabled then enable it. By doing this, your website will be visible in public.


Under Privacy, you will get a blog address, if you have a custom domain, put it otherwise let it be a free custom domain.


In this, you have to enable both options, however, it remains enable.

By doing this you get SSL free certificate so that your blog remains secure.


Now you will get the option of permission, you do not have to do anything in it, let it be like that.


After the permissions you get the option of posts, in this you can write how many posts you want to show on your home page.

Image Lightbox

This option is for this because if someone clicks on the image, it will look big and if you disable then the image will not be click, so you have to let enable.


Now you will get the option to comment In this, select embedded on the comment location and save it.

Who can comments- To avoid spam comments, you will be able to comment on the same person who will have google account. Select- user with google account.

Comment from message- By doing this, anyone making comments will get your message.


Now in this you have to set the time zone of your country, such as the time zone of India (GMT + 05: 30). Indian Standard Time- Kolkata.

What will it look like by choosing the date header format below.

Meta Tags

Now you have to enable meta tag. In this, you have to tell the blog about what the blog is about. Meta tags are very useful to rank our website.

Crawlers Custom Indexing

In this, you have to enable custom robots.txt and click on custom robots and create xml site map of the site and save it.

Its very important For Blogger. After save it xml sitemap then you enable custom robots header tag.

Home page tags

Custom robots tag for home page

Archive and search page tags

Custom robot tag for archive and search pages

Post And Page Tags

Custom robot tags for posts and pages

Google Search Console

When you click on the google search console, you will have to verify your website.

To know this, read this post of mine.

It must be made very important.

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Now you get the option of monetization, when you get adsense approval, then you have to enable it by applying code. If you have not received adsense approval, then leave it.


I have told you a some about basic settings Blogger, if you face any problem then do comment.

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