Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Blogger

Do you know the best free Keyword Research Tools? This is one such tool that every blogger should know. This makes the job of blogger very easy. So today we are going to tell you about such tools which you may not be aware of. If you do not know, today we are going to give you full knowledge about the best free tools for keyword research. 

Knowing which you will also use the blog well. And this tools is absolutely free. We know this very well that it is important to do keyword research for seo.  

Now how do you find good keywords. So that's why I need a free keyword research tool for seo, which blogger people like us need. So let's start and know what free keyword research tools are and how they are used.

What is Keywords?

Keywords are words that the search engine knows about what your website or blog is about.  

You also have to keep in mind that you do not have to use your main keyword much and this is called keyword stuffing.

This will reduce the rank of your blog, which is a bad thing for you. If there are good keywords then more and more people search for them.

This is very important for seo which keywords you choose. Choosing the right Keyword is not so easy, for this you need more data to understand. Only then you will be able to understand which keyword will be right and which is bad.

Many tools are available on the internet to choose the right keywords. And With its help, we can find out which keyword will be useful for us.

1. Basic Keyword Research

It is used to search for profitable keyword using seed keywords.

2. Competition based Keyword Research

Using this, you can find the keyword, which other competitor is using to get good traffic.

Competition based Keyword Research is more profitable.

If you want to rank your blog, then it will be more important to choose good keywords to bring the article to the first page of google.

One more thing, if all the people will use the same keyword research tools, then the keyword will remain all the same, this makes it difficult to compete.

Then what is the best keyword tool?

If you choose popular keywords, then you may have difficulty in ranking because There is more competition. You never have to choose the keyword that people are not searching at all. You will not get any traffic in this.

So you have to find such keywords which have good search volume and should also be profitable. For this, we tell you about keyword research tools.

1. Long Tail Keyword Finder

This is a very good tool, with the help of this you will be able to do it easily for your blog. Really very helpful free tool for Bloggers.

If you want to increase your traffic organically from google, then you can do it with the help of Long Tail Keyword Finder.

• Can search new keywords.

• You will find it in the related keywords list.

• You get two different options for doing Keyword Research Basic and Advance.

• The good thing is that you get this tool absolutely free.

2. Google Keyword Planner

It has been made for advertisement but you can also use it by searching for organic keyword by customising the search result.

In this, you have to select the country and select the keyword. It gives you information about search volume and CPC.

3. Ubersuggest

This is a very good keyword tool, with the help of which you can get all the keyword suggestions related to any search related to any keyword. This is a very useful thing for seo. You also get it for free.


This tool is an online Keyword research tool instrument in which using the feature of google autocomplete gives us long tail keyword relevant search.

Google autocomplete is a feature that is used by google search, its work makes the search done by google fast.

In this, you have both paid and free facility, if you use free, then you can generate 700+ keywords. And in the paid version, you can generate Keyword two times more than free version.

5. Soolve

If you have many channels and you are doing keyword research, then Soolve will be the best for you. With the help of Soolve, you can search on the most type of keyword and all search engines. 

This is a great keyword research tool and very good for generating good idea auto.

How did you like this article for Best Free Keyword Research Tool. Please let us know by commenting. 

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